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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg



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 Full time students : 30 ECTS per semester


Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) is an internationally acclaimed university offering a wide range of subjects. Our University has deep roots in Würzburg and the region of Mainfranken, and our research and teaching activities have led to achievements of global significance. This is the foundation of our identity and our commitment to continuing excellence in research and teaching across all branches of science.

Established for the first time in 1402, the University of Würzburg is now offering more than 100 subjects from the humanities, social and natural sciences, life sciences, medicine and selected areas of engineering. We prepare our students for careers in a wide range of fields and, in this context, we endeavour to closely coordinate our teaching with our current research activities. Our students work with renowned scientists all around the globe and, with their Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral theses, themselves make contributions to science. The University is committed to strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation, tackling fascinating tasks at the interface between different branches of science. Working towards a sustainable university development across all subjects, JMU has initiated continuous quality improvement processes. 



Academic contact


 Professor Dr. Dirk G. Kurth

Email (dirk.kurth @ uni-wuerzburg.de)




Administrative Contact


Ms. Heidi Köllmann, M.A.

 Study Abroad Advisor


Universität Würzburg

Service Centre International Affairs

Josef-Martin Weg 54/1

97074 Würzburg



Tel. 0931-31 88121

Email (heidi.koellmann @ uni-wuerzburg.de)




Mr. Florian Evenbye, M.A.

Head of International Relations Office

Email (florian.evenbye @ uni-wuerzburg.de)









Gaining insights into all scientific disciplines and sharing these with students, research professionals and the general public - this is what JMU considers its main task. We are convinced that, while delivering research and teaching of international standing, we must never forget our responsibility towards society and ethical values. Our motto - ‘Veritati’, devoted to the truth - also reflects this attitude. We fulfil our social responsibility by advocating the basic rights of democracy, supporting humanitarian activities and promoting a sustainable use of resources.




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