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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

FRANCESorbonne Université - Faculty of Science and Engineering


Faculty of Science & Engineering


Sorbonne Université

( SU)



A new university with a centuries-old tradition,

through the merger of UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne,

bringing together Arts & Humanities, Medicine and Science & Engineering




Faculty of sciences

Pierre and Marie Curie Campus

October 26th 2018


The Faculty of sciences of Sorbonne University stands for French excellence in science and medicine. It is the 1st university in France, the 7th European university and the 39th in the world in the Academic Ranking of Shanghai. It participates in the development of high-level education and research and collaborates closely with more than a hundred international universities.

With its 9 bachelors, 11 master’s diplomas and 19 doctoral schools, UPMC aims to educate professionals who will be the driving force in fundamental research and technological innovation.

In total, the Faculty hosts over 30 000 students of which 20% are international and 3 300 doctorate candidates. More than 5 000 researchers and professors work in 100 laboratories across four divisions: Modeling & Engineering; Energy, Matter & the Universe; Living Earth & Environment; Life & Health. The Faculty offers full programmes taught in English at the Master first year and second year in all domains.

For the housing information please read below.

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Come to study at SU  within an exchange program:



Courses offered in English:


Courses  of French languages for international students  :


formations offered  at SU :



For TASSEP traineeships




The Chemistry Master website


For the TASSEP  traineeships in the SU laboratories:

Please contact Anne Lise Poquet (anne.poquet @ sorbonne-universite.fr)


Modeling and Engineering laboratories

Energy Matter and Universe section laboratories2

Living Earth and Environment section laboratories

Life_and Health section laboratories2


Housing :

TASSEP students can get accomodations at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

You will receive an offer after the success of your admission at Sorbonne University.


Other sites to aid in finding lodging are www.adele.org www.unme-asso.com www.colocation.fr www.appartager.com www.kelkoloc.fr and www.e-cologis.com

and the following links :





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