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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

FRANCEUniversité Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Campus LocationToulouse, France
Campus Websitehttp://www.ups-tlse.fr/
Disciplines of Study All Fields in Science and Engineering
Language of Instruction:French
Pre-Session Info

Toulouse offers one week (the first week of the year in September) of an intensive French language course (around 30 hours in the week), which is free for all foreign students. Additional French courses can be taken by foreigners during the year.

Course Equivalence

Credit Full time students : 30 ECTS per semester (2 ECTS = 1 US or 1 Canadian credit)

Toulouse, often called la Ville Rose because of its lovely brick buildings is in the south of France, thus enjoying excellent weather and easy access to lovely countryside around Toulouse and the nearby Pyrénées mountains, where the nearest sky station is 90 minutes away. The University of Toulouse, founded in 1229, is made up of three campuses. The science compus is Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier. Because the humanities and arts campus (Le Mirail) is well separated from Paul Sabatier, it is not convenient to take non-science classes at Toulouse. Paul Sabatier enrolls 29 000 students (2 900 foreigners) in all fields of science and engineering, medicine and pharmacy. The Paul Sabatier campus is located close to the canal du Midi, which offers excellent biking and jogging trails. Classes in Toulouse begin in the second week of September and end in December. Exams are in January. The spring semester begins between the middle and the end of January and runs to the end of April. Exams, in general, are in the first two weeks of May but can be as late as the end of May for some classes which need some work outside of the campus such as geology or ecology. In addition to classes, students can also participate in research projects, an option for non-french speaking students. Five months of full time research with a written report correspond to 30 ECTS. Applications should be sent


Academic contact


Professor Gwénaël Rapenne

Université Paul Sabatier

NanoSciences Group
29, rue Jeanne Marvig
BP 94347
31055 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
Tel: (33) 05 62 25 78 41
Email (rapenne @ cemes.fr)




Administrative contacts


Zeinabou ALI
International Incoming/Outgoing Mobilities Advisor
International Relations Department  
Bâtiment Le Forum - 1er étage
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex 09
Tél. +33 5 61 55 62 52

Email (zeinabou.ali @ univ-tlse3.fr)




Sophie Raynaud
Responsable du Service des Relations Internationales

Email (sophie.raynaud @ univ-tlse3.fr)




Site internet:







Pre-session info :

French courses can be taken by foreigners during the year for free.


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