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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

FRANCEThe Université Grenoble Alpes



Campus Location:  Grenoble, France
Campus Website:  https://www.ujf-grenoble.fr/?language=en
Language of Instruction:  French
Pre-Session Info:  Classes in Grenoble begin in early September. Intensive and semi-intensive courses exist year-round, also before classes start during the month of August. All information is available at http://w3.u-grenoble3.fr/ The intensive classes in August cost about 300 EU (TASSEP students get a 20% reduction from that). The French language classes during the year are free. .
Course Equivalence

Full time students : 30 ECTS per semester (2 ECTS = 1 US or 1 Canadian credit)




The Université Grenoble Alpes is one of the largest European universities. It offers high-quality education at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels and, in collaboration with national and European partner organizations, cutting edge research possibilities. Besides its exceptional scientific environment, Grenoble benefits from its beautiful mountains which attract many French and international students each year. The campus lies close to the river Isère and is just minutes away from the lively city center thanks to two tramway lines. Most students live in dormitories or share a flat either on the campus or in the city center. On the campus site, you will also find the arts and humanities universities (Université Stendhal and Université Pierre Mendès France) where you may chose some non-science courses.

Most classes are taught in French but there exist also international programs in English. The first and second year students attend classes in the Department of Science and Technical License (L1-L2). The third year, they specialize into different topics and join the corresponding departments to prepare a License degree (L3) and then a Master degree (M1-M2). For more information, contact S. de Brion.




Academic Coordinator

Catherine Bougault

Mail (catherine.bougault @ ibs.fr)
Associate Professor at Universite Grenoble Alpes
Erasmus Coordinator for the Chemistry Department

Researcher at Institut de Biologie Structurale
71, avenue des Martyrs - CS 10090
38044 Grenoble cedex 9
Phone: +33 (0)4 57 42 86 33




Administrative contact

Elodie Queffelec Tapia

Email (e.queffelec @ univ-grenoble-alpes.fr)


Outgoing students coordinator
Programme du CIEP - Assistants de Français à l'étranger
+33 (0)4 76 51 45 51
International and External Affairs
Bureau 42 - Tour Irma - 51 rue des Mathématiques  

38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères




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