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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

DENMARKAarhus University



Campus LocationAarhus, Denmark
Campus Website  http://www.au.dk/en
Language of Instruction

Danish / English


 Aarhus University is the second oldest and second largest university in Denmark. Most of the university's yellow-brick buildings are located on our picturesque campus which is situated in a hilly area, with a moraine valley full of large oak trees and a stream that flows into two small lakes. Courses at Aarhus are taught in Danish for the first two years. This includes the basic physical chemistry courses of thermodyanmics and quantum mechanics. Advanced level courses, appropriate for US seniors, are taught in English if one enrolled student does not speak Danish. Students should contact Poul Bonde at pb@adm.au.dk to receive application instructions.

 At Aarhus University students who are interested in internships are responsible for finding their own supervisor/researcher herehttp://pure.au.dk/portal/en/organisations/8000/persons.html. We cannot guarantee specific internships and places for the students and it is up to the individuel department at the Faculty of Science and Technology, whether or not they wish to receive an intern. Students through the TASSEP programme are always welcome to reach out to a relevant researcher, if they wish to do so.






Academic contact

Mark Bayley

Associate Professor

Department of Bioscience

Faculty of Science & Technology 
Aarhus University
C.F. Møllers Allé 3, Bldg. 1131

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Tel: (45) 8715 6509

Mobile: +45 2899 2153

Email (mark.bayley @ bios.au.dk)




  Administrative contact

Ms. Fie Bøje Misholt

International Coordinator

Faculty of Science & Technology 
Aarhus Universitet
Ny Munkegade

120, Bldg. 1522

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Tel: (45) 9350 8133

Email (fbm @ au.dk)