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The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

SWITZERLANDUniversity of Geneva


Campus Location:  Geneva, Switzerland
Application Instructions:  For US and Canadian Students
Language of Instruction:  French
Pre-Session Info:  The university of Geneva offers a comprehensive courses in French and history about Geneva specifically for foreign students. For more information, see: http://www.unige.ch/international/etudageneve/gisp.html
Course Equivalence:  2 ECTS = 1 US or 1 Canadian credit


The University of Geneva (UNIGE) was founded by John Calvin in 1559 as a theological seminary. It has since then grown into a major international university with over 13,000 students studying the sciences, medicine, law, the humanities, the arts, etc. UNIGE is the second largest Swiss University (The ETH is the largest). Because one third of the students are non-Swiss, the majority of them coming from elsewhere in Europe, UNIGE has a lively international atmosphere. Geneva is located at the southern tip of Lake Geneva where the Rhone river begins its long journey through France down to the Mediterranean Sea. The fall semester starts in mid September and ends before Christmas. Fall semester exams are from late January to mid February. The Spring semester starts mid February and goes through the end of May. Final exams are from the beginning to mid June. Swiss students enter the UNIGE 1-2 years older than US or other EU students. Thus, many courses taught in the 3rd year in US schools, are taught in the first or second years at UNIGE. TASSEP students are lodged in dormitories, but early application is strongly recommended.



Academic Contact

Professor Didier Jaccard
Departement de Physique
Faculté des sciences
Section de Physique
30, quai Ernest-Ansermet
1211 Genève 4
Tel: 0041 22 379 63 66
Email: Didier.Jaccard @ unige.ch


Administrative Contact

Dr. Pierre Willa
Relations internationales
Bvd Pont d'Arve 40
1211 Genève 4
Tel: 41 22 379 80 81
Fax: +41 22 379 80 80
Email: Pierre.Willa @ unige.ch


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