Member Institutions of the TASSEP

Dear European TASSEP  academic and administrative coordinators

Here are a lot of TASSEP informations

1- TASSEP 2017 selection:

Attached please find, the Excel table 2017 to fill in and return to me not later that February 15th with your students applying for a TASSEP place in the US and Canada during the academic year 2017-18.
I have to inform you that Waterloo univ is not a TASSEP partner anymore; they just informed us about.

Please remember that we will get very few places in the US , the decreasing of the offer will probably continue this year.
Therefore  the chance to get a place is higher if your students apply for one semester rather than one year. However, you are welcome to indicate it in case your student would like one year but is willing to accept one semester.
Please note your success could be higher in placing your students if you have not all with the same first choice !

2-Addendum to 2017 -TASSEP application
And please tell again your students that this is serious. They must think carefully before they apply and be willing to accept any offer of a place in one of the institutions they apply for. Only exceptional reasons for refusal can be accepted. Thus they must commit to cancel any other application for a study place abroad if they apply for TASSEP and are offered a TASSEP place. This is included in the 2017 TASSEP application form addendum which will have to be signed by the candidates listed on the table you will send me.

3-Annual European TASSEP meeting
I would also like to inform you that our next Annual European TASSEP meeting will be in Lyon on 2017 May 11 and 12th.It will be TASSEP 25th anniversary and we wish to enlarge the audience in including a mini-symposium dedicated to both science and presentation of US and Canadian partners.
We will try to have US and Canadian TASSEP coordinators with us. We will try to organize a small tour for them on May 9th and 10 th in other partners around such as Grenoble, Toulouse, Paris, Geneve?
If you wish to convince them to come ; I let you know that I will write them about next week.

4- New TASSEP website
Another news is that my UPMC webmaster colleague Alain FRIGARA works hard on the new TASSEP website, he has already made a great job and the website is right now under constuction so not all the informations have been transfered form the UNC’s one and the up-dates you sent me are not all available yet but we are on the way to complete all the items. And I wish that we will be able to offer this new TASSEP  website a great and dynamic life :
The UNC one will continue to be alive for a while but it is not under supervision anymore by any webmaster. So we will ask the closure when we will be completely ready.

5- Balance with internships
One very important issue for next years is the balance if we wish to win success with  this great program of TASSEP. One demand form that US and canada is that we should propose to welcome US and Canadian students for summer internships between May and July. If you can offer such opportunity it would be great.
I wish to proceed on demand in asking our US and Canadians partners to send me their wishes in term of thematics ans destinations to place more easily their candidates to the internship TASSEP program. We have tested this year with Temple univ, Eric Borguet is fighting greatly to find the way to enhance the out going balance from temple to Europe. As an exemple, he asked me to propose internship proposals from Germany or Austria or UPMC in Organic chemistry thematics. Jena , Vienna and UPMC have already answered to his wish and he will select the candidates in January. I will propose to all the US and Canadian partners to do so. A 3-months out-going student for internship counts for the balance. So let’s try this strategy to help.

6- Demand of Help for welcoming Temple students
 On a specific demand , Eric Borguet have tried hardly to place a student in Queens, Belfast without success and he asked to all the members of European TASSEP to answer him if one of our institution is able to propose a curriculum in English for third year students. I will send you a specific email for that demand.

7- Erasmus + agreeements between all the European TASSEP members
One last idea we wish to built a TASSEP network in Europe and ERASMUS+ could be our support,  please think about,  we can all be linked through ERASMUS + agreements for all disciplines and get the possibilty  to exchange students and to get supports to visit each others. Let’s create this for next May. Most of us have already Eramsus + links , so it is just an extension .

Ok so , a quite long text… sorry  but I hope that you will read it till the end…
I will try to do my best for TASSEP long and  fruitful life…
I wish to thank a lot Hans Uffe for all his passionated actions for TASSEP and for his friendship.
I wish to thank a lot as well, Edith and Heidi from CPE lyon for the joint organization of our future meeting  and we hope that we will have the visit of all of you, partners from Europe.

Kind regards
Anne Lise